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Paul Alabaster is a new rising British author of horror fiction. Within this site you will discover a wealth of information about the author, whose work ranges from the disturbingly psychotic 'The Pink Room', the supernatural suspense thriller 'Trauma', to the blood chilling 'Dolly Carter Island'. Extracts to some of these novels and more will be posted for your reading pleasure. If you are looking for quality horror with a new edge, you have come to the right place!


Alongside the Official website, you can follow Paul Alabaster on Facebook and Twitter - links to these are provided below. Paul writes daily posts to both of these, so are definitely worth joining if you don’t miss out on any developments. 


‘As a new writer, the launch of this website has to be one of the most challenging (and slightly daunting) things I have ever done in my

life. Ironic really, as fear is a concept I often write about in my own creative work. I guess the launch of this website will act as a platform in allowing me to face some of my own fears as a writer head on!’ 

The unusual style of the first few chapters really intrigues and hooks you in. Descriptions are really vivid and raw, will be interesting to see what happens next!

Nick V - reading extracts from 'The Pink Room' 


Acid Test gives you everything you want from a horror novel. It teases you with its imagery, brings a disturbing degree of empathy to its narrative voice and leaves you with a truly chilling memory of its events. I would recommend this to all fans of good horror!

Lucy Seymour-Bowdery - reviewer of 'Acid Test' 


Some people can really get under your skin... 


No one truly knows what lies behind the mask we show the world. Beauty is only skin deep. Yet if enough people scratch the surface, they may reveal something dark and ugly they wish had never been unleashed. Melinda Fairfax has started to scratch and's too late... 

Acid Test

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