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Paul Alabaster's debut short story, Acid Test, is availale worldwide via Amazon. Paul will be releasing further short stories soon, so remember to join Paul's Facebook & Twitter pages to keep up to date with future releases!


'The Pink Room' will be Paul's debut novel - release date to be confirmed - you can read the opening chapters of this dark tale below. 


Acid Test



Some people can really get under your skin... 


No one truly knows what lies behind the mask we show the world. Beauty is only skin deep. Yet if enough people scratch the surface, they may reveal something dark and ugly they wish had never been unleashed. Melinda Fairfax has started to scratch and's too late... 

The Pink Room 


What turns you on? What would you do if every time it rained, you became sexually aroused, yet at the same time, an unnatural urge to take someone's life surfaced. Walter Manning suffers with this exact problem and has done so ever since he saw a prostitute murdered outside his bedroom window as a young boy. Now, as an adult living in the rainy city of Seattle, when the rain falls, the body count rises....

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